Where East Meets West




Hot Food/Bubble Tea
- Specializes in Taiwanese food (order from menu) 
- Fresh BBQ pork, roast duck and roast chicken       
- Vast variety flavors of milk tea with tapioca


- Feature fresh live seafood
- Fresh water tanks have live tilapia, prawns, clams,
(seasonal), king crab, and lobster   
- Large selection of frozen shrimp, shellfish, fish -Provide services of cleaning, cutting, and deep-frying
for no additional charge.

- Daily produce deliveries
- Many unique items (curry leaves,Keifer lime
- Exotic fruits  like logan, lychee, mangosteem,
persimmon (available when in season)
- Large selections of fresh noodles ,tofu and kim
chi from local companies


Hispanic Groceries
- Fresh local tortillas delivered daily
- Assorted Mexican cheeses, chili peppers,
beverages, spices, salsas
- Wide selections of Hispanic groceries   



- Many different cuts    
- Pork, beef, poultry, and lamb
- Halal meats (Islamic dietary method of meat handling
for consumption)


Russian Groceries
Imported cheese (Bulgarian feta, sausages, yogurts
Asian Groceries
 Imported from places including Japan, China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Mexico, Indonesia, Philippines, 
Korea, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Russia, and
Middle East
 - Spices, sauces, canned goods, dried fruits,
- Frozen vegetarian food, dumplings, and buns  - Vegetarian canned and frozen food - Bulk rice (jasmine, sweet rice, brown rice, and basmati)

Meat          Seafood          Grocery         Produce       Beer/Wine/Sake       Bubble Tea/Hot Food

- Wide selection of Japanese/Korean Sake
- Over 1,000 selection of beer and wine (check on #)
- Large selection of domestic or imported wine
- Local  beers